Create your own Garden City

Together, architect Juliana Giraldo, founder of Maraña Studio and I are organizing a screen print event as part of the Rotterdam Arquitectuur Maand 2024.
Get ready for an immersive experience that blends art, design, and urban exploration, as we embark on a special session tailored for those who are passionate about Rotterdam architecture and curious to create their garden city. 

As part of the stadsprogramma during the Architecture Month Rotterdam, Mesh Print Club (Rotterdam) opens its doors to introduce you to the screen printing technique. Join us for an introductory session where we will discover the iconic buildings of Rotterdam and explore the significance of preserving and coexisting with the natural world.

We joined forces to create a special session to explore your garden city. With hands-on guidance, you'll craft and take home your own posters! (2x) 

Wondering how the session works? 

  1. Choose from our curated design selection of buildings and garden motives
  2. Pick your favorite colors from our selection
  3. Become an artist while crafting your Garden city posters!

No screen printing experience is required – all materials are included, and everyone is welcome! The workshop session is multilingual; Dutch, English, French and Spanish are possibilities.

Are you ready to embark on a screen-printing adventure? Get ready to be inspired, get hands-on, and be part of an architectural adventure like no other! 

For those interested in our work, our Mesh Shop will also be open, offering the public an opportunity to take a close look at the diverse talents of artists at the club. Secure your spot now, and let's explore, create, and celebrate the beauty of our garden city together. Sign up for the session, and let the artistic journey begin!

There will be 2 days available for this, the 8th and 15th of June, with 3 slots each. This is intended to provide more attention to the participants.
Location: Mesh Print Club, Zomerhofstraat 70-74, 3032CM, Rotterdam.
You can check and purchase the tickets down below.

Meet Juliana

Urban designer and architect from Colombia. A self-taught screen printing artist based in Rotterdam and founder of Maraña Studio, where she explores the influence and impact that nature has on human life to raise awareness of the relevance of climate resiliency. Maraña is an artistic project that combines screen printing with my academic background in architecture and urban design, along with my experience in developing and implementing projects and strategies for climate adaptation.